Package Support Explorer

This page will dynamically generate the information for your set of provided packages. It is thus useful for determining how the Support Statements impact your particular system or image.

You can paste in a list of package names to get a custom report of all the relevant support statements with dates.

If you want to get the results for a specific system, pasting in the result of rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME}\n" is the preferred way, although if you just have the result of rpm -qa this page will attempt to match the full NEVRA to a package name using a rather effective regex.

The default set of packages is what is included in the AL1 container image, retreived with docker run --rm rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME}\n"|grep -v gpg-pubkey.

You can change the Time to pretend it is, and this will change the highlighting in the generated table.

(defaults to the time when this page was loaded)
Background Color Meaning
Green More than 180 days of support remaining from the above date
Red As the time of the above date, the package is End of Life
Orange Fewer than 60 days of support remaining from the above date
Yellow Fewer than 180 days of support remaining from the above date

Known Support Statements

Below is a list of the support statements being used

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Currently Unsupported Packages

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All Packages

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